“It was a great honor and pleasure meeting you Gary…it is obvious how dedicated you are to the community. Thank you for supporting authors/illustrators, kids and books. We are truly grateful for all you do.”  - Sayuri & Dav Pilkey

“The fact that Gary Shaffer could turn an old Safeway grocery store into a vital space for the library while the Tulsa Central Library undergoes a three year renovation is proof that the magic is not in the building but in the people, the books, and the services.”  – Ann Patchett


“It’s so good to have you in the world Gary. You are my hero.”Dave Eggers


"Gary was instrumental in pulling together our Drawn Together event to benefit victims of the Moore, Oklahoma, tornado. I loved working with him and was impressed by his 
diligence and professionalism." 
Jeff Kinney


“Gary you are the wind beneath ALL of our wings!”
Meg Cabot